High Octane Solutions, Inc.

The Fuel For Your Business

High Octane Solutions Inc. is the fuel for your business by being a business consulting company and a business technology company. Lots of words to say one thing. Our goal is to make our clients more profitable period. We do so by providing our clients with 30 years of business consulting knowledge, we’ve also built some really great tools we use in the areas of Management, Financing and Marketing. We marry that first class consulting and our “cool tools” with award winning best in class technology from our partners who are globally recognized leaders and innovators. We have partnered with them and civic and community leaders to reach our stated goal, to make our clients more profitable period.

There is an old saying people are judged by the company they keep, well it’s no different in business. If your business isn’t moving forward and growing it’s because you aren’t gaining new customers and the businesses supporting your growth aren’t helping. No business is an island and growth doesn’t happen by magic, it is carefully planned, analyzed, refined and then duplicated over and over again.  HOSI consults with businesses of all sizes in all industries, and we and our partners work together to bring HR Solutions, Ecommerce Solutions, Workflow Solutions, Lending and Cashflow Solutions and hundreds of others to our customers. While no two businesses are alike neither are the solutions for profitability. By mixing and matching consulting and technology we are able to create unique targeted solutions specific to our clients needs and efficiencies, that work to grow their market share and customer base which leads to……. yes you guessed it profitability period.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us today and we hope that you will call on us for a consultation and become a customer of ours as well. Then you will see what we’ve said from the beginning. High Octane is the fuel for your business.

Additional Details


    Q What type of business is High Octane Solutions?

    High Octane Solutions (HOSI) is a business technology and consulting firm. We concentrate on bringing high quality results oriented solutions to our clients.

    Q What types of businesses do we work with?

    HOSI works with companies of all sizes in any industry vertical. We work with businesses from food trucks to non-profits, from consultants to lawyers our list of clients covers the spectrum of business.

    Q What services does HOSI offer?

    HOSI has tools tailored to specific functions within a business management, financing and marketing. Our tools allow a company to overcome specific business growth issues (without blowing your budget) and leave room for professional business coaching and consulting if needed.

    Q What are The High Octane Tools?

    HOOL LMS- High Octane Online Learning, Learning Management System was designed to be an educational portal for businesses to add their onboarding, retaining, certification and coaching needs.

    The Cash Compass- Provides access to funding. Companies with needs as small as $1000.00 all the way to 20 million dollars can find finding help with The Cash Compass. We cover all industries and service needs as well. From a coffee farmer in Kenya to a Mechanic in Kentucky and everything in between can find Loans, PO Financing, Employee Payroll and even Real Estate Acquisition with The Cash Compass..

    Boom360.Business- Boomerang Business Directory was built to be the very last place a person needs to go to market their business and the last place the average consumer will ever need to find a business. With over 20 onboard marketing tool to choose from, Boom 360 is loaded with more tools than even a Google Business Page. Boom gives your business the ability to show video, collect leads and even book appointments. Sales and coupons are easily displayed on a businesses direct page and on the home page of the site making it easy for customers to find. With low pricing and add-ons to help businesses market their businesses to a wide range of potential customers.