End of Year $10,000.00 Fundraising


As the year is approaching its end it is important to raise the funds necessary to continue our operations going into 2023. We have been able to help over 100 underprivileged families and persons in receiving free tech services. We have also been able to help over 10 college students in receiving free computers and laptops to continue their education and much more! Due to the nature of being a non-profit, we are fully supported by champions like you! Please help us reach our goal of $10,000.00 for our non-profit is able to continue to serve our community of Central Florida. 

Additional Details

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  • CompTia A+
  • Crooms Academy of Information Technology
  • No


Q Are your services free?

Yes, all services are free of charge

Q Do you fix phones?

We do not specialize in phones but rather in laptops, pcs, and towers

Q Can you fix broken laptops?

Yes, once we have done a proper diagnosis, we then send an order in to receive the proper pieces to ensure the laptop is restored to its fullest potential.

Q Can you wipe my computer from a virus?

Yes, we can override any computer that has a virus to get it back to full functionality.

Q Can you update my windows?