Directory Advertising

20 Reasons Why You Should Use Boomerang Directory


When it comes to marketing your business no one does it better than Boomerang. Boom360 was built to be the very last place you will ever need to market your business to the world. We have built a platform that brings together all of the tools you need like social media, email marketing, display ads and so many more tools, it’s hard to believe that we were able to do it. We’ve also created partnerships with other companies that help us help you. We provide all the assistance and support you need to market your business. 

You start by choosing a level that is right for your business today and fill in the screens that help us get an idea of what your needs are, where you want to go and what you want to use to get there. You don’t have an idea of what to do? No problem we do this all day and like we said earlier, we are here to help you. 

Choose one of the packages below and let’s get started marketing your business!

Basic Plan

$20/mo. billed annually $240
month to month price different

If you are just starting out or you just can’t afford it but you know you need to start marketing your business, then this is for you. You get a really good list of services to start out and you can move up or switch at anytime.  Plus we give you 1 month free if you for an annual ad. That’s 13 months for the price of 12

Standard Plan

$35/mo. billed annually $420
month to month price different

Add a few more tools to your marketing tool belt with this plan that gives you more pictures a lead generation form and the ability to post events on the home page, all included.  With this plan you have no where to go but up when you use all of the onboard features to grow. Also you get one month free!

Premium Plan

$45/mo. billed annually $540 *
month to month price different

If you are looking for the deluxe in directory advertising then this is the one for you. With a price that can’t be beat, you get all of the features of the other plans plus added video and the ability to book appointments. You can track all of the action on your account from your own private dashboard.

Black411 Plan

$70/mo. billed annually $840 *
month to month price different

We’ve partnered with to bring you a plan that gives you all of the services in our premium plan and a equal listing in Black.411.  Black 411 is a leading directory for Black & African American owned businesses. Like Boom, Black 411 is also a national listing.