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Hey there. Welcome to BOOM360

Boomerang Business Marketing or as we like to call it BOOM360, is an online business anchor point for your business. You started as a business directory has evolved into so much more for your business. Built to be a business multi-tool for marketing your business. It is a multi-faceted business focused portal that business owners use to grow their businesses in several ways.  By having several business marketing options in one place we make it easier for businesses to find what they need to move the needle of success.

Your Boom display ad serves several purposes. 1) It provides a place for businesses to find you giving you the opportunity to grow your customer base organically. 2) it is an anchor for your marketing campaigns there is no need to build expensive landing pages when you have all of the information any business needs to know about you in one space and on one page and 3) when added as a QR code address it becomes your electronic business card. As if that wasn’t enough your Boom ad also comes equipped with as many as 20 native onboard ready to go marketing tools and, If you are looking for other services like social media posting, QR code, email or SMS marketing we provide those services here as well, see… multifaceted marketing tool. As is part of High Octane Solutions Inc, (HOSI) a business consultancy whose owners have more that a quarter century of business knowledge that they pour into Boom and their other tools. This is part of what makes Boom unique. The level of knowledge, skills and technology available here, at such a reasonable price point is an achievement in and of itself.  

So, yes we have created the best all in one business marketing tool available today, but the real thing that sets Boom apart is our commitment to making Boom a real online business community. Our belief and our feeling is that with community comes trust with trust comes acceptance and with that comes opportunity. Welcome to Boom. Thank you for joining our community. Let’s get to work.    

Our Community Works Hard With You To Do Amazing Things!

Thank you for finding us. Boomerang Business Marketing is the one place where all businesses of every size need to be seen. We know people have choices of where and how to do business, so why should you choose to be here, well here are a couple of reasons we think you are in the right place There are so many options for marketing your business so why here?  Boom breeds community.  From the beginning we've made it a point to work with non-profit business services organizations.  These are generally non-profit volunteer led organizations that have little to no money but have a desire to help the businesses in their communities grow. Well we know we can help and we do. By providing a free listing, blog spot and other premium services to these organization they have a way to get their message out and maybe even gain some support.   

Our Company

Boomerang Business Marketing is a part of the High Octane Solutions, Inc. family of companies, with the goal of putting more good in the world than it takes out. Our founders created HOSI almost two decades ago and are working everyday to stay true to the dream that a companies relationships with it’s customers, community, suppliers and its self all matter. The better we work on these relationships the better we all will be. That is the HIGH OCTANE WAY.

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That’s right. You get 10% off your first ad with us. Just use the code “welcome to boom360” and get 10% off your first ad at checkout. Our way of saying thank you.  OK OK tell everybody it’s cool lol.